“I’m a first time entrepreneur launching an executive coaching and business consulting practice. Rina worked with me to develop client contracts that not only protect my business, but also serve as a signal of professionalism when I’m soliciting new business. She’s sharp, and she did her homework in researching my specific business. She’s generous with her counsel, and took the time to highlight vulnerable spots in my business off the clock. I trust Rina. Working with her has been a teriffic experience and I would recommend her to other entrepreneurs who need the protection Rina affords.”
–Dominick Quartuccio, President and Founder of Master Your Universe

“Rina was a critical part in assembling a new contract template for my interior design services. Rina drafted a contract with clauses that promote the protection of my intellectual property and my interior design business overall. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rina to any entrepreneur, especially newbies, for legal guidance. She was quick, responsive and really easy to work with. She even took my call on a Sunday during her vacation! Thank you Rina!”
– Pooneh Maghazehe, Principal and Interior Designer, LM // PM PRODUCTIONS LLC

“I have worked closely with Rina on diverse matters, and she always shows incredible judgment and ability in representing her clients. She is a gifted attorney because she first makes it a point to understand a client and his or her case and needs so that she can then effectively strategize to obtain a favorable result. Rina takes the time to teach her clients preventative measures and best practices to help set them up for success in the future. Anyone who has worked with Rina, knows that she is a consummate professional who is at the top of her field. I recommend her without hesitation.”
– George Tenreiro, Esq., Of Counsel, Baldassare & Mara LLC

“Rina is a lawyer at the top of her game. She brings deep legal expertise and professionalism, coupled with personal passion and commitment. When it came to our case, Rina walked us through our situation step by step and helped us navigate through a tough time. Rina made winning our case look easy with her incredible grace and knowledge. I couldn’t recommend her more!”
– Binna Kim, Financial Services Communications Consultant

“Not only is Rina extremely thorough and sharp, she really cared about the work she did for us. Rina was very responsive in responding to our inquiries and came up with practical solutions and helped us make informed decisions. We recommend her without hesitation.” – Elana Harriman

“I definitely recommend Rina. She is knowledgeable, professional and personable. She was able to resolve our problem quickly and efficiently.”
– Lynn and Joe Manza

“I hired Rina in the past to review the contract of a potential business acquisition and her expertise about what to do, and more importantly what not to do, was extremely helpful to me in making my final decision. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and was always punctual and accurate with her advice. I would highly recommend Rina to anyone and definitely plan to use her services in the future.”
– Justin Wilk, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Designer Appliances

“Rina is an enthusiastic and energetic person who is both creative and extremely professional in her approach to working with clients. In one particular instance, Rina utilized effective persuasion and negotiation skills to resolve a difficult dispute and avoid litigation. I do not hesitate to contact Rina when I need assistance with a difficult case. Overall, Rina is a valued business partner, a forward thinker and a trusted advisor.”
– Dawn Ballin, Esq., Insurance Professional

Rina was invaluable in helping me through a difficult negotiation for the purchase of a business. I was dealing with accountants, lawyers, bookeepers and the emotional sellers trying to get a good understanding of the valuation of the business.

Rina took charge immediately and helped me through the process. She was able to obtain straight-forward answers in a timely manner while maintaining the professionalism of the seasoned attorney she is.

Thanks to Rina’s counsel we uncovered many undisclosed debt obligations that allowed us to make a very informed decision to walk away from the purchase. Without Rina’s counsel I would have found myself mired in someone else’s financial mess.

I couldn’t have been happier with Rina’s representation and have used her services several times since then on employment and business contracts.
– Peter Tamburro, Director of Business Development, Designer Appliances